Goddess Voxbox

Hello there!  This is my first Voxbox from Influenster, and I am still honored to be chosen to have some new goodies to pamper myself with.  I received quite a few things in this box: Dickinson’s Witch Hazel, Pantene Expert Intense Hydration shampoo & conditioner, Always radiant Flex Foam pads, Sinful Colors Porcelain matte polish in #1719 Glazy Sunday, Cutex Advanced Revival nail polish remover one-step pads and Downy Fresh Protect April Fresh In-Wash Odor Defense.  My findings are all positive.

Always Radiant Regular Scented Pads with Wings

Pads have progressively improved through the years.  Me myself have outgrown the use of pads…or shall I say diapers.  I have used this brand for years without disappointment.  I can say I do have some of these stashed somewhere for emergencies or for a guest in my home.  You will not have to worry about wearing “grannie panties” when it’s that time of the month.  No accidents with these pads due to the Flex Foam technology.  This foam holds a lot of fluid and that in turn will keep your sensitive skin dry while wearing.  I have used these overnight and did not wake up to a horrid mess.  I do sleep on my stomach most of the night; and seldom on my back.  They have stay put wings that do not budge so makes these worry free for the woman on the go. I did not feel a bulky pad wearing these either.  This pad is very lightweight!  So lightweight that you will forget you are even wearing one.  Now if you have allergies or are sensitive to perfumed sanitary products have no fear.  I have both sensitive skin and rarely used scented sanitary products.  But this scent had no negative effect on my skin at all.  I rather enjoyed the soft faint floral hint.  It’s a perfect touch.  The finishing touches are visibly appealing also.  I was always embarrassed to have to carry a brightly colored noticeable pad to the restroom to change.  The graphic design on the packaging is rather fun.  Overall this product is a must try if you buy pads for your time of the month.

Dickinson’s Enhanced Witch Hazel Hydrating Toner

The experience with this toner takes me back to my childhood days.  Summertime in Texas there are tons of bugs out and ready to bite or sting you….ESPECIALLY me.  My grandmother would always soak a rag in witch hazel and rub me down with it.  My bug bites would always feel so much better.  I thought to myself when I first tried this was, “aaaah so refreshing”.  Yes, it is very refreshing!  I love the scent of witch hazel.  My parched combination skin drank it right up.  No stinging or burning upon application.  My dry patches have gradually diminished also.  I have been fighting my eczema this summer 16′.  While using this toner I have NOT needed a bunch of extra moisturizer to combat my finicky facial skin.  You only need to use a small amount for your whole face, neck and behind the ears.  I like to be thorough with my toner is all.  I can’t ask for more in a simple skincare routine.


Pantene Expert Intense Hydration

Shampoo & Conditioner 

Currently I am wearing individual braids in my hair.  I have been getting back into going to the gym regularly.  This set came right on time for shampoo day.  I sweat quite a bit and my hair along with my scalp gets rather dry.  I have shampooed and conditioned my hair twice since receiving the product.  I did not use a overgenerous amount to achieve a nice lather.  This shampoo rinses out fairly quick with no stripped or squeaky feeling in the hair.  The conditioner is lavishly thick, and upon rinsing there is tons of hydration left behind in the hair.  I noticed after drying my hair had a soft touch and shine; just after one use.  My favorite part of the experience is the aromatherapy scent in this set.  I felt that my shower turned into an expensive spa get away.  The shampoo and conditioner are a great set to get in a relaxing experience while your hair clean and hydrated.


Downy Fresh Protect

April Fresh

I am fairly new to the wash cycle add ins.  I have used another  brand and was pleasantly surprised.  Upon trying Downy brand I did not think these were going to be much different.  Low and behold I was wowed!  The clothes out the washer before drying were so soft and smelled wonderful.  My husband stops and tells me that he kept smelling his uniform all day and he really liked whatever I had done to the laundry.  If my husband is commenting that he likes something; then it’s a big thing.  I have already went and bought some large size April Fresh to add into the wash.  The scent is great but you also get a bonus with the softness.  Downy knows their softness I can give it to them for that.


Cutex Advanced Revival Remover Pads


Sinful Colors Porcelain Matte #1719 Glazy Sunday

I tested out both of these at the same time.  Wanted to see if these polish remover pads actually could remove ten fingers of nail polish.  I did four coats on five fingers and let it completely dry.  This polish is actually nice.  I barely needed the second coat to have an opaque coat.  I am not that into matte polishes but this color grew on me for the moment. I did notice was it didn’t streak at all with the multiple coats and it did not take forever to dry. Fairly nice for my first trying this brand.  The polish remover pads did surprise me.  The pad itself was thick and saturated with remover.  I had no trouble at all getting off all layers of polish from my nails.  My nails were not dehydrated after removing the polish.  That I liked very much.  The information on the back of the package states this remover has botanical oils to nourish natural nails.  This is a great improvement for nail polish removers.  The harsh acetone is always my negative with removers.  Personally I need so much moisture after having a manicure or getting another set of acrylic nails.  This will be on my shopping list once I run out of my current remover.

Great picks in this Goddess Voxbox!  So happy to have the opportunity to review products and pamper myself all at the same time.










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