Formula X The System XCEL™ -Customizable Gel-Like Nail Polish Set and Delete All Nail Polish Remover

Formula X

Upon opening my box from Influenster I saw this system and was excited.  I love gel nails except for the removal process and how thin and sensitive my nails are afterwards.  Gel nails last and withstand EVERYTHING.  I loved my gel nails until I didn’t.  This system is just as great as the normal gel nails minus the light.

The nail color I received was TGIF a bright peachy summer color.  Not my usual kind of shade but I really enjoyed it.  It livened up my fingers for a cool week.  The color went on rather nice.  It was not streaky, too thin or too thick; it was just right.  I went and looked on and they have quite a bit of colors to choose from.  And yes I have added some (a few) polishes to my loves list.

The system is basically similar to your regular “gel manicure”.  You have a Cleanse EXCEL step: to cleanse the nail plate of natural oils, conditions the nail and dries in a flash.  Prime EXCEL step comes next: primes the nail to have maximum lasting polish adhesion.  Lastly there is the Shine EXCEL step: a ultra glossy almost wet looking finish with some acrylic added in for a hardening effect.





With my experience I think I will be saying bye-bye to gel nails!  I removed my Formula X The System EXCEL™ manicure with the Delete All Polish Remover and it came off in a flash. I did my  usual weekly routine: cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, shampooing my hair and even put up curtains.  I did not have any peeling, chipping, or cracking during my week of testing out this system.   I still am excited to do more cute manicures with this system.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.






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